Saturday, May 5, 2012

Honey, Honey Sweet Honey

Down in the beeyard I call it, the girls are busy bringing in that sweet nectar.
I made and put together some more medium supers with frames in order to give them more room to put all that honey. As I went through the hives I only go down to to top of the brood nest. I always pull any full supers of honey and put the empty super just above the brood box. Then I'll put the full supers back on top of the empty one. This allows the girls to finish filling any edges left in the full supers and also allows the full supers of honey to 'ripen'. I will not and never have pulled a super of honey BEFORE it is ready, and I will not pull any uncapped honey for extracting. I want honey you can set on a shelf for years and it not crystallize.

All of the hives were in top shape. I put on two supers on two hives and checked each one. I estimate there is about 300 lbs of honey already in just two hives! It looks like its is shaping up to bee a good year for honey. Last year was GREAT and I hope this year will bee also. After taking care of the girls I cut the grass and made sure there was plenty of fresh water available.

Just next to and north of the beeyard is a spot of land about 40 feet by 90 feet that we try to have a garden each year. Unfortunately for the past two years, because of my schedule, we haven't been able to. So this year,  with my new schedule, we plan to plant the garden again. I and (i believe) the girls like having the garden so close to the beeyard. At first we thought it may be a problem with the girls when we fired up the gas tiller and starting vibrating the ground so, but there has only been one instance where they were upset. And even then all they did was headbutt be a couple of times and so I turned off the tiller and waited about 30 minutes and went right back to it with no more than a passing glance from the girls on their way to and fro.

This year though, after letting my tiller sit for two years, needless to say it would not start. THANK YOU ETHANOL. They ought to ban that crap but that is a whole new blog for later. Try after try, I could not get the tiller to start and with time passing we decided to buy a new smaller one while I tinkered with the old one. We decided to get an electric tiller instead of the gasoline version. No more ethanol gunk. I had quite a few reservations at first about electric. Could an electric tiller actually do as good a job as electric? After reading tons of info on the net we decided to try the Earthwise brand tiller. THIS IS NOT A PAID PLUG! I don't do that. If I tell you something about any product, it is because I use it and have first hand experience with it and I will say exactly what the truth is, good or bad.

Well anyway, we received the tiller in three days and it took me about 15 minutes to have it together and ready. You can imagine how hard the ground had become in the garden plot after neglect for two years. It wasn't as hard as I though it would be but it wasn't loam either. I can only say that I will never own another gas tiller again! That electric tiller worked fantastic! Because of it's small size ( I wish I had gotten the larger one), it took a while to do the garden but it tore up that ground! Hard clay spots made it bounce a bit, but it chewed it up and spit it out like nothing. Great machine.

We have tomatoes, 4 different varieties, peppers, okra, corn, beans, cucumbers and squash. There is nothing better than fixing and eating a meal you raised with your own two hands. I love it!


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