Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ga-Bee Balm Available Now!

Ga-Bee Apiary is proud to announce the launch of our Ga-Bee Balm! 

For years I have been making a medicinal balm for friends and family that rapidly speeds healing of any injury, be it a cut, scratch, sting, insect bite or whatever. I make it from all natural ingredients, beeswax and honey.  It takes away any itch and soothes soreness. It even makes your skin softer! The skin absorbs the GA-BEE BALM like magic!  Wanting to expand my apiary and being short on spending money, after years of prodding by my family and friends I have been persuaded to offer it for sale to everyone.

If you like Neosporin you will LOVE Ga-Bee Balm. It heals faster and better than Neosporin guaranteed! And it is made from  ALL NATURAL and ORGANIC ingredients! Some of the ingredients are Tee Tree Oil, Chamomile and Aloe. I can't list all of the ingredients here but with every jar the list of ingredients are included. GA-BEE BALM is NOT for use as a lip balm! You can apply it anywhere else on your body safely.

You won't believe how fast Ga-Bee Balm heals! It is truly incredible! I got the idea from reading a series of books by D.C. Jarvis M.D. on Folk Medicine and Natural Cures. His research on how valuable natural home remedies are and how much better they are is great. Combining that with my being a beekeeper and it all came together. GA-BEE BALM IS FANTASTIC!

One of the reasons I am offering Ga-Bee Balm for sale is I would like to expand my apiary with more hives. I work a 2nd shift job that doesn't pay very much and I thought this would be a good way to generate the extra money needed in order to buy more bees and beekeeping equipment. I hope you can help me in this endeavor. GA-BEE BALM REALLY WORKS!

I offer three sizes - a one ounce tin, a 4 oz. jar and a 6 ounce jar. The more you buy the more you save.

If you would like to help, please click below. THANK YOU!!!



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