Friday, June 21, 2013

Its All Up To You.

How often during your day to day routines do you truly feel that you are part of something big outside of yourself?
Do you ever feel like you are part of this thing called humanity?
If you are like the majority of people in the U.S. you will answer negatively to both questions. Like most people you see yourself as an individual, separate and apart from everybody else. You see people as two-dimensional, not really there until there is a need for interaction. They become the "unreal others."
And that is the way that the people who are running this nation want you to be. They want you to feel separate from everybody else because as the old saying goes - Divide and Conquer. As individuals we are more easily " managed" and distracted.
We are being manipulated more and more on a daily basis by all of the lies and bs that we are being bombarded with through all channels available. From tv to phones, social media to advertising.  We are being bombarded with so much useless information just to keep us distracted from thinking about what is really happening around us, to us.
Take a moment and stop where you are and look at the people around you. Notice what we are not doing, interacting with each other. No man is an island yet we traverse through our day as if we were. This must stop if we are to reverse our society from continuing in this downward spiral of self destruction. We are being led as lambs to slaughter and we don't even know it because every day we are too busy wasting our time on useless tasks.
We ALL need to start conversations and discussions about where we are headed as intelligent human beings. We need to read more - not pulp garbage that is mass produced just to keep us busy, but research and dig out the the truth, wherever it me be. We need to demand to look behind the curtains. We CAN handle the truth!
Intelligent human beings? These are becoming more rare every day. Ask yourself and anybody else that will listen why it is that our government spends billions every year on a military war machine and not a fraction of that where it REALLY needs to be spent - ON EDUCATION! There are more and more young adults hitting the streets that can't even read, much less be called intelligent. That is the way the banks that run our country want it to be. The fewer of us that can think will be the fewer of us that will be asking questions like - why are we not spending more on education? Why do we need to spend billions to start wars meant only to keep the elite in power and to instill fear in the people so that we blindly accept these wars fought in the vicious lie that we are fighting a "war on terror." Our own government is creating this non-existent terror!

Expand your mind. Think, reason and wonder. We currently use only 20% of the brain power that we have. The people in power want us to use less than that. We can wake up, lift our heads and grow as intelligent human beings and make progressive and intelligent changes to our societies and to humanity and our culture, OR we can put the blinders back on, shove your face back into that app., that game, that tv show, etc. that you cant live without and continue as is - its all up to YOU.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Turn That Frown Upside Down

My wife and I were having our coffee the other morning out on the deck talking about all and no one particular subject when she looks me dead in the eyes and said in the most concerned tone, "Sweetheart, you have anger issues".
I was taken aback for an instant because in my mind I have always had a rather cheery attitude, or so I thought. And of course she proceeds to point out, in great detail, each point in time over the last few months where I had given her reason to bring her concern to my attention.
After listening to her examples in stunned silence I was forced to come to the same conclusion, sadly, that I definitely didn't have such a cherry attitude as I had previously believed.
Bringing the issue to light and looking back in retrospect I definitely could see a steady decline in my attitude but I also made the discovery that with each incident there had been some sort of setback, or some disappointment, hurt or frustration at that corresponding point in time. In my defense I stated that the anger at each point was totally justified.
Looking at it more closely made me see that I wasn't the only person that was having "anger issues". I could see it happening everywhere. I could see it happening on a national scale through news articles, all of the social media channels and from talking with friends and family.
People everywhere, and I believe that our society in general is becoming more angry and frustrated day by day, and there is a multitude of different reasons but the most common thread to me seems to be our government. People are getting madder and more frustrated at seeing not only the changes that are being made but the processes by which those changes are being made, becoming more to our detriment instead of to our benefit.
I know that I cannot be the only person that gets angry when reading about how there is no personal privacy anymore or how the food we eat is slowly killing us because of a lack of concern, oversight and funding by a government that had rather start needless wars for profit instead of taking care of business at home.
Yes I get angry when I see greedy, self centered narccist buying thier way into office to serve not their constituents but their own corrupt personal agendas and everyone turns a blind eye and it is becoming the norm rather than the rare exception.
Yes I get angry when our kids die by the thousands and others come home broken and bloody from fighting unnessary wars to keep the rich and powerful just that, rich and powerful.
Don't you get angry when you learn about farmers getting paid NOT to grow food while every day men, women and children go to bed hungry and are starving to death all across amerika.
Don't you get mad at being lied to constantly?
We should get mad as hell at these same people that could care less if you have a job or you loose your house and are forced to sleep on the streets just as long as they get their six figure bonuses.
So yes I have anger issues dear and I wish a lot of other people did too. That would really give me something to smile about.